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Hope is a choice, once you choose it, anything is possible.

- Christopher Reeves

I often say that sometimes you choose your job, and other times it chooses you. In my case, it chose me. I was 19 years old when I took over a non-profit serving individuals with disabilities in Northeast Georgia. 13 years, 25 semesters of programming, 300 staff, 400+ children, 4,680 days of fundraising, 10,000 managed volunteers and millions of dollars raised & a giant tractor-trailer load of hope later… I am thankful to still be here, learning lessons of leadership, fundraising and working motherhood.

Follow me as I walk in hope and share lessons along the way.


Hey! I’m Laura HopE

Laura Hope is leading the growing organization ESP while admiring dandelions, nurturing her affection for elephants, decorating thriftily and raising 3 kids in Athens, GA. Mia, Laura’s first swim buddy at ESP, lives with Laura and her family making their family EXTRA special!

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