Home Is Where the ♡ Is.


Here it is! Our home for 2 weeks this summer. Actually, it's not too shabby for camp (I told our generous loaners that this was a the Ritz of all campers). With two kids in tow & not a free bed on the grounds- we had to make alternative arrangements.

The kiddos & I are out at Camp Twin Lakes with ESP. There is something so pure, so beautiful & so right about God & the world while out at camp.

Even though I've never slept in this bed before & we are only here once (this year twice) a year- somehow & in some ways this feels more like home to me than anywhere else. Guess it's true that home is where your ♡ is...and my ♡ is here- with my children, with ESP, away from distractions and enjoying the purity & joys of camp.

Check out the site later in the week to read about a few special moments and what C.A.M.P means to me.