A renewed hope.

So, I made it what- 2 posts? And then came the spamy messages that were enough to convince me not to blog. Well, I'm giving it another go. So here goes nothin'...

It's hard to believe it, but I have been at Extra Special People for a decade. I had a crazy moment of realization while walking into the first day of camp that this was my 10th first day of camp. One of my favorite days of the summer is "Fair Day" - an event where the campers sell crafts they created. The $$$ goes to field trips like Mall Day where campers spend their hard earned cash. My first summer as a counselor, I purchased a gorgeous blue pot with a beautiful flower in it-- for a whole $20 (nearly a 1/10 of my 2 weeks paycheck at the time).

My new little gift had no chance. Confession..... I have a black thumb. It's true. Everyone in my family knows it. I'm a catastrophe when it comes to cell phones, cars & plants.

So, naturally, my plant died within two weeks of my possession (probably more like 2 days). Sadly- it was that same fall that the founder of ESP, Martha, passed away. I never realized the symbolism but I did feel a strange attachment to the my dead plant.  It has moved with me to the last 4 homes and sat {sadly} on each porch.

On mothers day this year I walked out the front door as usual, heading to put the kiddos in the car. I was looking down talking to Owen when something in the blue little pot caught my eye. After 10 years of multiple locations, droughts, rain & little attention-there was a sprout in my little blue pot. Be still my heart. Ten years in the making! Or- maybe a new seed was somehow sown? (or, quite possibly- it's a weed).

Either way, it made me remember my first summer, Martha and the magic of ESP I fell in love with. As we are now toiling to build a new facility for the individuals of ESP (we grew out of our current one over 15 years ago)- there are many days that feel hard, overwhelming & hopeless. But thank you little sprout. You have reminded me once again that God is the one in control. Whether plant, water, or leave things alone-  He is making things grow in His own time.

"So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow." 1 Cor 3:7