Fort for $14

For some reason Owen has talked about building a playhouse for the last year- probably due to  the lack of play space in our backyard (the only thing I don't like about this house). So, with a week off for us both (rare) we decided to help make the little guy's dream a reality- on a really tight budget- what he had saved in his piggy bank, $14.

Step 1-4



I found 15 pallets on Craigslist several months ago, free. There are companies out there that want to get rid of them. I just heard from a friend that Lowe's etc. are selling them after the raise in Pinterest pallet projects-  there are still free options people, so don't give in. We also had an old fence door from a project at my office.

Things you need:

- 5 pallets

- fence door or piece of plywood

- nails- 4 in, 2.5 in

- two hinges (for the roof)

- 4- 2X4's


Steps 6-10 image

Things you'll need:

- wood & stake for sign

- paint

- twine or rope

- plastic reusable bag (the yellow is from Ikea, the blue is a plastic tablecloth)

- flag pattern

- hole puncher

I created the flags from reusable bags & plastic table cloths. I decorated the fort with the help of the little guy with items we already had: toys, kids picnic table, bird box & flower box from ESP fair day!


Voila! Happy kids & tired happy parents- a perfectly good "playhouse","workshop", "fort .... for only $14.