imageI just realized that I have been attending, working, counseling, running or overseeing camp for 20 years. I have become the women I am today because of camp: beginning at   The Swamp & moving on to ESP.

Through the eyes of a camper, volunteer, counselor, leadership staff & camp director-- here is what C.A.M.P means to me:

Captivating: "to influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal." Ask any kid whose been to camp who had a positive experience at camp if they could choose any place on earth to be & I suspect 9/10 would say camp. There is some special charm it has that is absolutely, indescribably irresistible.

Ageless: "Seeming never to grow old. Timeless." A place where no make up worn, the normal dress code is tie-die & it never gets old running after people with shaving cream. I have realized whether I am 8 or 28 the joys  of camp are ageless.

Momentous: "Of great importance or significance, esp. in its bearing on the future." I have a terrible memory, really, I do. But for some  reason I can still remember so much about camp. It was at camp that I fell in love with God, at camp that I met my first real crush, at camp that I met friends that I still have to this day. Although only aweek (or for some of us a summer)- the memories of the crazy adventures have a lasting impact.

Pure: "Having a homogeneous or uniform composition, free from anything extraneous." If only the world could function & behave like camp. At ESP the staff giving to the kids and the children giving back to the staffas they work together for the same goals. There is nothing extraneous- no extra gadgets, bells & whistles, ladders to climb, people to please. It's  amazing that in such a group of diverse people there could be such a beautiful dance of uniform composition. image

Camp IS crazy shorts, spagetti, wet hair,  sunglasses, backstreet boys (yes, still.), starving stomachs, water balloons, pranks, crushes, trips to the nurse, chacos, constipation (or is that just me?), smiles, lakeperfume, relay races, star gazing, breaking barriers, friendship, line dances, water bottles,  junk food, late nights, early mornings, after-lunch naps, coke, water slides, new beginnings, tears at the end of week, smelly laundry, ice cream,  rain jackets & sunsets. image